In-person Seminar @NPD: IRM network group presents Aquifer Models


The figure shows outlines of aquifer models for Frigg-Heimdal (yellow) and Troll (red).

The IRM network group is happy to invite you to this lunch & learn where NPD and AGR will present regional scale aquifer models from Frigg-Heimdal and Troll area aquifers. This is the first time large-scale aquifer models are being made for the Norwegian shelf. Smaller-scale models have been created in connection with the CO2 Atlas, which is published on npd.no. Don't miss out on this great event at the NPD.

Date Time Duration Register by Location
10. May 2023 10:00 3 Hours 5. May 2023 TOR - NPD



"Aquifer models can be used when the licensees choose a drainage strategy for discoveries in the development phase. This means that they can avoid major investments in infrastructure for water injection. The models also make it possible to optimise the placement of  COinjection wells," says senior geologist Fridtjof Riis.

He says it is difficult to give a concrete estimate of savings and value creation, but the aquifer models are intended to support projects with very high value creation.

The aquifer models can be assembled with network models for facilities and pipelines.

In collaboration with consultancy AGR, the NPD is now building models of the Frigg-Heimdal aquifer and the deep aquifer under Troll, where CO2 will be stored in the future. The NPD has conducted its own seismic interpretations and contributed geological knowledge.

There are no concrete plans to build additional models so far, but multiple areas in the Norwegian Sea and the southern part of the North Sea may be relevant. Further development is dependent on interest and participation from the industry. The NPD takes a positive view toward contributing to this, but if so, the companies on the shelf will need to take responsibility for the funding.



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Updated: 10/05/2023

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