In-person: Addressing Chalk Influx and Solids Production Challenges in the Southern North Sea


A reservoir core sample tested to assess borehole stability during drawdown, revealing the occurrence of chalk collapse within the wellbore.

The carbonate and chalk reservoir network group invites you to a in-person seminar at the Norwegian Offshore Directorate. The topic for the seminar is addressing Chalk Influx and Solids Production Challenges in the Southern North Sea. Sintef, AkerBP ,ConocoPhillips and Vitritech will be presenting. Don't miss out on this great event.

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13 March 10-16 1 Day 7. March TOR- NOD Entrance


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Welcome & safety

Chalk and Carbonate Network


Operational Context

AkerBP / ConocoPhillips


Review of 15 yrs of chalk influx experimental research






Chalk influx Modeling, Prediction and Mitigation



Coffee break



Chalk influx implementation, from reservoir to platform



Chalk influx and solids production have posed significant operational challenges for the Chalk fields in the Southern North Sea since their early development. The phenomenon, often described as the “filling of wells with toothpaste-like material,” remains a persistent issue even as these assets reach their late-life stages.

To enhance our understanding and proactively address this problem, the industry has invested in research collaborations with SINTEF over several years. Additionally, Vitritech, a technology company, is actively developing innovative solutions to strengthen the chalk reservoirs. Their approach involves injecting and consolidating glass within the reservoir matrix.

We invite you to participate in the ongoing discussion surrounding this critical issue. Join us during the day and at the NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) sessions, followed by further conversations around the table at Sumo restaurant downtown.


FORCE seminars have previously been fully booked with waiting lists so you are encouraged to sign up as soon as you know you will attend.

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FORCE members: NOK 1000,-
Non-members: NOK 2000,-
University/Students: NOK 500,-


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Updated: 08/02/2024

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