The Norwegian National Data Repository for Petroleum data



The Diskos Well Database contains digital well data from the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Well Data Types

Below is an overview of available well data types in the Diskos Well Database.

Well Data Set Data types
Drilling Mud logs, Drilling Reports, Cuttings photos, Cuttings data
Geology Geological reports, Lithology Reports, Stratigraphy, Biostratigraphy 
Rock & Core Conventional Core Analysis, Special Core Analysis, Core Photos, Geochemistry 
Petrophysics Petrophysical reports, CPI, Petrophysical Composite
Test fluid and Pressure Formation Pressure, Well Tests, Fluid Analysis Reports, PVT Analysis
Well log Logging Summary, Wireline Logs and Reports, MWD logs and Reports, Log Plots
Well path Well Path Original Survey Points, Computes Well Path Data, Reports
Well Seismic VSP, Velocity
Well Well Proposal, Completion Reports, Well Evaluation Report


A more detailed list of well data types is available in the Blue Book Table A-1.

In general, raw and composite data are kept confidential for 2 years and interpreted data for 5 years.

For access  to confidential well data, please contact Offshore Norge - Geodata Trade or the data owner.

Updated: 17/04/2023

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