The Norwegian National Data Repository for Petroleum data



  • Diskos 2.0 is up and running

    19/04/2023 The new version of Diskos, Diskos 2.0 went live 17. April

  • Award of Diskos 2.0 contracts

    22/12/2020 Landmark and Kadme are the proposed winners of the contracts for Diskos 2.0.

  • Diskos Core Photo Project

    27/08/2020 Did you know that over 30 000 core photos from more than 1000 wellbores recently have been digitized and loaded to Diskos?

  • Want to become a Diskos member?

    02/06/2020 Oil companies operating on the Norwegian Continental Shelf can seek membership in the Diskos Joint venture.​ In addition, also non-oil companies can apply for associated membership.

  • Diskos 2.0 — Pre-Qualification

    08/01/2020 The RFP for Diskos 2.0 Seismic, Well and Production modules and the Diskos 2.0 Trade module has now been announced at Doffin and TED.

  • Updated RFP announcement date

    23/12/2019 NPD/Diskos has updated the RFP announcement date for the Diskos 2.0 tenders. The RFP for Diskos 2.0 Seismic, Well and Production modules and the Diskos 2.0 Trade module will be posted on Mercell by 30.12.19.

  • Revised timeline – Diskos 2.0 RFP process

    14/10/2019 In order to ensure the quality of the Diskos 2.0 RFP-document, NPD/Diskos has decided to revise the project plan for the procurement process.

  • Response to application – Storing Diskos data outside Norway

    08/10/2019 In June 2019, the NPD applied for exemption from the Archive Law which says that all Diskos-data must be stored in Norway.

  • Great interest in Diskos 2.0

    14/08/2019 Diskos 2.0 Request for Information (RFI) submissions

  • Diskos RFI announcement

    29/05/2019 Diskos 2.0 Request for Information (RFI) has now been announced.

  • Diskos RFI deadlines

    26/04/2019 Information regarding Diskos Request for Information (RFI)

  • Diskos Vendor Conference

    21/03/2019 The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and Diskos Management have hosted a conference for potential vendors to “Diskos 2.0”.