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Award of Diskos 2.0 contracts


22/12/2020 Landmark and Kadme are the proposed winners of the contracts for Diskos 2.0.

The procurement consists of two contracts:

1. Database for subsurface data; seismic, well and production data, awarded to Landmark.

2. Trade solution (data swap/geodata trading, managed by Norwegian Oil and Gas), where user rights to the data sets are awarded to Kadme.

The qualifying period is 13 days, expiring on Friday, 8 January 2021.

The new solution will provide users with more efficient access to seismic, well and production data.

The contracts have a total duration of eight years; five years plus three option years. The estimated total value is NOK 157 million.

National database

Diskos is a national database of information that is very important for the oil and gas industry. The database was established in 1995 by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and active oil companies in Norway.

In addition to being a solution for data storage, Diskos is also a platform for trading and sharing data that has not been released.

The NPD is responsible for administrative management of the Diskos collaboration, and is thus responsible for implementing procurement on behalf of Diskos.

Sharing data

The large volumes of data in Diskos provide a unique basis for sharing data and subsequent analyses that can facilitate new discoveries of oil or gas.

The idea behind Diskos is that the oil companies shall cooperate when it comes to storing data, and compete on creating values by using this data. The data are directly accessible online for members of the Diskos collaboration. Members pay the cost of entering data in Diskos themselves, but they avoid separate fees for storage and administration.

In Diskos, all members have access to their own data and data belonging to the production licences in which they participate. They also have access to a large volume of data that is not subject to confidentiality. Moreover, users have assurance that all data is of the agreed quality, and that it can be retrieved in the agreed data format.

Over time, other users such as oil service companies, consultancies, Norwegian universities and a growing number of universities in the UK and US have also secured access to the database.

The proposed award of the Diskos 2.0 contracts was announced on Mercell on 16 December 2020.


Project manager Eric Toogood, +47 90576771

Updated: 22/12/2020