The Norwegian National Data Repository for Petroleum data


Diskos 2.0 is up and running


19/04/2023 The new version of Diskos, Diskos 2.0 went live 17. April

Diskos is the national data repository for exploration and production-related information from the Norwegian shelf. All seismic, well and production data reported to the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate are uploaded to Diskos.

"Diskos 2.0 marks a new era for data management in the Norwegian industry. Diskos in the cloud, a number of automated processes and API integration will open up a range of new opportunities and ways to use Diskos data," says Director General in the NPD, Torgeir Stordal.

The 2.0 version will allow users to process and interpret data where they are stored, eliminating the need to download them to their local disk.

The upgrade to Diskos 2.0 is a digital step forward the industry has made together. The users have been involved in all project phases and the solution is based on Landmark's iEnergy platform and user interface. The Trade module for data swaps is based on Kadme's WhereOil product.

"The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate and the companies' experience and expertise in data management have been crucial for a good result. The companies' most important contribution has been their critical sense and ensuring that the new solution supports the work processes it's designed to support," says responsible director Louis Vos.

Development and implementation of Diskos 2.0 have been a lengthy and complicated project, and the first version has now been launched. Since the solution and functionality is under continuous development to satisfy the users' desires and needs, we should be able to expect multiple minor upgrades over the course of the spring.

Today, 28 members and 50 associated members are cooperating to develop Diskos. The database is currently operated by a third-party supplier, and is administered by the authorities.

For more information about Landmarks Diskos 2.0 Solution, visit www.diskos.com.

Updated: 19/04/2023