Webinar: Applications of bound biomarkers in petroleum exploration


The petroleum systems network group is happy to invite you to this webinar on Applications of bound biomarkers in petroleum exploration. Shengyu Yang from China University of Petroleum (East China) will be presenting. Don't miss out on this great event.


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25 January 09-10 1 hour 24 January Teams



Unlike the free biomarkers, which can be routinely recovered via solvent extraction, the bound biomarkers are covalently linked to the kerogen or asphaltene macrostructures and are more resistant to secondary alteration processes.

We have systematically compared the free biomarkers and bound biomarkers, released by a newly developed method call MSSV-Hy (microscale sealed vessel catalytic hydrogenation), and found there are both similarities and differences regarding source-related and maturity-related parameters. Nevertheless, empirical correlations can be established between the free and bound biomarker parameters making the bound biomarkers useful in petroleum exploration. For the kerogen-bound biomarkers, they can be useful when the source rocks are contaminated by oil-based drilling mud or are too mature to provide enough extracts. For the asphaltene-bound biomarkers, they are helpful when the routine biomarkers have been biodegraded and provide key information regarding the charging history.

Speaker: Shengyu Yang, China University of Petroleum (East China).

Shengyu Yang got his PhD on organic geochemistry from Technical University Berlin, and have spent two years doing postdoctoral research in German Geosciences Center (GFZ) before joining China University of Petroleum (East China) as an Associate Professor (2020-2021) and a full Professor (since 2022). He specialize in petroleum generation simulation, phase prediction, and distribution assessment using pyrolitic, nanopetrophysics, and high-resolution GC techniques. He has published more than 10 first-author papers in Geology, GCA, and AAPG Bulletin etc, and currently serves as the one of the associate editors for AAPG Bulletin and Marine and Petroleum Geology.


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