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FORCE is a cooperating forum for Sustainable Recovery , Improved exploration (IE) and Energy efficiency and environment conducted by oil and gas companies and authorities in Norway.

Our ambition is to play a significant role in the future value creation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, through facilitating cooperation between industry, research institutions and authorities.

The basic idea of the forum is to improve collaboration by sharing knowledge through network groups, and by enabling the establishment of cross licensees /company piloting projects within exploration and enhanced oil recovery, and energy efficiency and environment through project groups.

FORCE was established in 1995, with the goal to stimulate industrial cooperation. Recognizing the big increase in the number of members of FORCE during the last 15 years, the organization has been re-structured.

Today FORCE has the following structure:

General Assembly with 1 representative per company.
Management Committee with 8 members elected for 2 years.
Technical Committee IE with 8 members elected for 2 years.
Technical Committee SR with 8 members elected for 2 years.
Technical Committee EE&E with 8 memebers elected for 2 years.

All groups and networks in FORCE are organised under the General Assembly where all member-companies are represented.

The FORCE General Assembly is the executive level of decision making in the forum, where every member company has a vote.  

The General Assembly gathers once a year to approve annual accounts, decide next year's budget, elect committee memebers, review activities and introduce views and ideas. The membership contract is up for evaluation/revision here every 3rd year.

FORCE Managment Committee consist of 8 representatives from member companies. They are, together with the three TC's, elected for a two year period where the mandate is to set goals for and monitor activities in TC, prepare external communications and strategies and allocate budget to the TCs and the Secretariat.


FORCE organisation map


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Updated: 30/12/2023

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