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FORCE is a cooperating forum for sustainable recovery , improved exploration and energy efficiency and environment conducted by oil and gas companies and authorities in Norway.

This privacy statement provides information about how FORCE collects, processes and protects your personal information when you use FORCE’s services.

The statement was adopted by the FORCE Management Committee on 22 February 2019. It is updated as needed.

As regards collection and processing of personal data in connection with when you contact/visit the secretariat or the Norwegian Offshore Directorate in connection with meetings or seminars, reference is made to the directorate’s privacy statement on www.sodir.no

Data protection strategy

FORCE collects little personal data. The data is largely linked to administration of membership in the Forum and in relation to committees and groups. Personal data is also registered in connection with enrolment for events and seminars, and if you want to subscribe to newsletters or other types of information that the Forum regularly issues.

The FORCE secretariat is responsible for how FORCE collects and uses personal data. Our processing of personal data shall take place in accordance with Norwegian law and the EU’s general data protection regulations.  


  • implement this in a manner that is secure and inspires confidence, and such that the information is only available to those who are entitled to access.
  • ensure that the information is not accidentally altered
  • do not collect or store more information than is necessary.
  • do not use personal data for other purposes than those for which the data was collected
  • immediately delete data if there is no longer a purpose associated with the data storage and if this does not conflict with Norwegian statutes or regulatory provisions regarding a retention obligation

Our three types of personal data processing

Information about membership in the Forum, committees and groups


Force needs to have an overview over which companies and persons are members in Force in order to manage operations and services. Information and communication regarding personal data associated with membership takes place through a password-protected solution.

Legal Basis

The basis for processing is Article 6 (1) (f) of the General Data Protection Regulation, which allows us to process information necessary to safeguard a justified interest that outweighs the consideration for the individual's data privacy. The justified interest is to dismantle the arrangement in a sound manner. As regards payment information, the basis for processing is Article 6 (1) (c) – to fulfil a legal obligation. 

Categories registered


Type of information

Name of person, company, type of office, type of membership, email, telephone number.


The registered person himself/herself, or the person who manages the overview on behalf of the Norwegian Offshore Directorate.


FORCE’s administrative secretariat and all members in the groups.

Storage / deleting

Deleted as soon as possible after the member has left the function/terminates membership, alternatively, you can delete some information yourself in the self-service system.


Send out member information and news


Send out regular information and news from FORCE for all who are members of the Forum.

Basis (legal authority)

General Data Protection Regulations, Article 6, No. 1, b) - contract - for members.

For potential issue of newsletters outside membership, consent must be given pursuant to Article 6, No. 1, a) of the General Data Protection Regulations.

Categories registered

All who consent to receiving information/newsletters.

Type of information

Email address.


The registered person.


Force secretariat and the registered person.

Storage / deleting

The email address is stored in a separate database, is not shared with others and is deleted when you unsubscribe from the newsletter. You can unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, or by contacting us.

Enrolment for events, seminars, meetings, etc.


The objective is to obtain an overview over the number of people enrolled and who they are, in order to manage and implement the specific event or seminar in a prudent and efficient manner, and to send out e.g. relevant documents, participant information and invoices. This takes place using the Pindena software.

Basis (legal authority)

General Data Protection Regulations, Article 6, No. 1, a) - consent. By enrolling, you consent to allowing us to register and store the information until the seminar is completed.

Categories registered

The enrolled.

Type of information

Name of person, email, company, telephone number, participation in lunch, etc.

If relevant in connection with events or seminars, and if you so wish, you can consent to providing information regarding food allergies, etc. Alternatively, you can instead contact the listed organiser and provide information.


The enrolled person.


Members of the Force secretariat for all information, list of participants for all who are considering enrolment or who are enrolled.

Storage / deleting

All information is deleted, no later than 1 month after the seminar is completed. There are exceptions for accounting material in accordance with the Accounting Act section 13, which shall be kept for five years after the closing of the accounts.  


Your rights

Force does not have a dedicated data protection officer; if you have a question regarding how we process personal information, you can send an email to info@force.org. You are entitled to a response without undue delay, and within 30 days at the latest. If you want to communicate with a data protection officer, you can contact the NPD’s data protection officer at this address: personvernombud@sodir.no

Access to own information

You can request a copy of all information we process regarding you. Read more about the right to access

Correction of personal data

You can ask us to correct or supplement information that is incorrect or misleading. Read more about the right to correct or supplement information

Deleting personal data

In certain situations, you can ask us to delete information about you. Read more about the right to delete

Restrictions in processing personal data

In some situations, you can also ask us to restrict the processing of information about you. Read more about the right to restrict

Protest against processing personal data

If we process information about you on the basis of our tasks or based on a balancing of interests, you are entitled to protest against our processing of information about you. Read more about the right to protest

Data portability

If we process information about you with a basis in consent or contract, you can ask us to transfer information about you to you or to some other data controller. Read more about the right to data portability

You can appeal our processing of personal data

We hope that you will let us know if you believe that we are not complying with the rules in the (Norwegian) Personal Data Act. You should first contact the Norwegian Offshore Directorate’s data protection officer. You can also appeal how we process personal information. The appeal should be made to the directorate, but it will be forwarded to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority.


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Updated: 30/12/2023

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