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FORCE organises topical seminars, workshops and field trips. Each workshop focuses on the member companies' needs in development and demonstration of tools and methods to improve oil recovery.

The objective of the forum is to provide structured opportunities for the participants to discuss, with each other and with research institutions, universities, service companies, and/or consultants. All events published here are open to everyone practicing "first come, first served" principle.

Several seminars are under planning and ready to be published as soon as the final details are set. These seminars are both on Improved Exploration, Sustainable Recovery and Energy Effieciency and Environment. 


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28. May

Webinar: Pressure interaction between CO2 storage sites

4. June

In-person: FORCE CCS core workshop

6. June

Webinar: Fluid flow history and paragenesis along a syn-rift basin bounding fault: the Helmsdale Fault (NE Scotland


27. August

In-person: Cake & Discuss (not open for registration)


18-19 September

In-person: Structural Reservoir Compartmentalisation

25-26 September

In-person: Charting the Depths: A User’s Perspective on FWI


5-7 November

In-person: Cores of the year + Dry Wells (not open for registration)


14-15 November

In-person: Symposium Data Network Group (not open for registration)

19-20 November

In-person: Revitalizing under-explored salt basins for the energy transition: Geological storage in the Central North Sea

21 November

Webinar: Nanoparticle application for risk mitigation of condensate blockage





Field Trip: Gulf of Corinth



Updated: 13/05/2024

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