The new member login is now Basecamp. 

Basecamp is a communication platform where you can chat, schedule meetings and share documents.

All members of FORCE can join Basecamp. But it is by invitation only.

You must be a part of a network group or one of the committee groups in
Improved Exploration, Sustainable Recovery or Energy Efficiency & Environment to get access to Basecamp.

Contact the FORCE Secretariat and they will send you an invitation to join Basecamp.

If you are a part of an active FORCE project, you can also get access to Basecamp.


Roles/expectations for members of FORCE
network groups/committees:

  • Being a member of a network group gives you a chance to build and broaden your network. It also gives you an extended scientific overview and a chance to highlight your favourite topics. 
  • Force is a cooperating forum based on knowledge sharing. That means your knowledge and your sharing!
  • As a member of a network-or project group, it is suggested that you use your engagement for the following:
  1. Attending meetings. If you can’t attend, try to find a representative in your company or participate by video.
  2. Being active, participate in discussions, planning and tasks.
  3. Being a member of at least one seminar committee in a 2 year period.
  4. Being the contact point between FORCE and your company, involving relevant staff.
  5. Being positive! Spread ideas and great things can happen.
  • We experience that few and often the same people are doing all the work. With the points above, we will have a vital forum with many good discussions and sharing of knowledge, where all members contribute with their competence. 
  • We know a working situation can change giving you less/no time for FORCE. If you see that you can’t contribute in FORCE, please notify your group giving room for a replacement.

Updated: 03/06/2024

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