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Summer Flowers

Dear FORCE Members. Another year has passed since the last summer newsletter, but not much has changed. We are still living with the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are still working from home and have meetings and seminars on Teams. Surprisingly, that has worked out really well for FORCE. We saw a record- breaking year with 2509 participants in 2020! That is amazing.

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2021 started out great. We have already had 15 webinars on Teams, and we’ve had our first
two-day webinar with great success with 237 participants. So far, we have had 1208
participants. Maybe we can beat last year’s record?

This year, a new TC was approved. TC-Energy Efficiency and Environment was established
with 3 new network groups. We are in the process of recruiting members to the new groups:

1. Energy efficient Subsurface
2. Low emission facilities and environment
3. Carbon capture and Storage.

We see that more and more are using Basecamp. That is great! Some are struggling a bit, but
don’t be afraid to contact the Secretariat to get some pointers if you need it. Basecamp is our
main communication tool, and you can miss out on a lot of great information if you don’t use

FORCE has posted some of the recordings from webinars on the FORCE YouTube channel. We see that YouTube is a great resource for people who did not have the opportunity to be a part of the webinar. 

A huge thank you to all our members who have worked so hard this year. We couldn’t have
done it without you. Hopefully, we can organize some “normal” seminars next year. We can’t
wait to see all of you again!
Have a great summer!
FORCE Secretariat, Eva, Janka, Eli, Aslaug, Tone Helene and Linn


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Greeting from TC-EE&E

“The Times They are A-Changin’”, Bob Dylan wrote in the early 60’s. Almost 60 years later, times are changing
at FORCE as well. At the General Assembly meeting 3rd of February, a new Technical Committee (TC) was created – Energy Efficiency and Environment (EEE). This new TC shall actively work to develop energy efficient methods to drain reservoir and minimize impact on environment of oil and gas activities, an acknowledgement that the oil and gas industry needs to change to be a part of the future. And we can be a part of the future, we just need to continue adapting to new realities and increase collaboration on
emission reductions and reduce our impact on the environment.

Even if the changes Bob Dylan was writing about in the 60’s were different, one could easily be excused if
one interpreted the lyrics literally and translated into our current situation: “Come gather ‘round people,
wherever you roam, and admit that the waters around you have grown (…)”. Man-made climate change
and the potential devastating effects of it has been mainstream science for decades, but it is only in
recent years that we have really understood the size of the challenge and that actions against manmade climate change has become mainstream. The oil and gas industry has already started on this
journey, but we do see a need for more collaboration between companies to attack this challenge. The
new TC is proof that the oil and gas companies working on the NCS are ready to increase collaboration
on emissions reductions and environmental impact reductions.

“TC Energy Efficiency and Environment” held its first meeting end of February, but it has taken some
time to agree on the focus areas and framework for the TC. The agreed setup comprises three network
groups: 1. Energy efficient Subsurface, 2. Low emission facilities and environment, and 3. Carbon capture
and storage. The network groups have not yet started, as the registration is currently ongoing. We hope
to see engagement and lots of FORCE-members in the new network groups – working together to adapt
for the future. A kick-off is planned as soon as we have sufficient enrollment in the various groups –
stay tuned!

We welcome you all to join the network groups in the new TC and wish you all a nice summer!

Best Regards,
Ola Terjeson Miljeteig, Chairman TC-EEE and Georgios Samouilidis, Vice Chairman TC-EEE


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Greetings from TC-IE

Under generous June sunshine and mid-summer light, I sense a careful optimism as vaccines seem to out-beat viruses while admittingly, mutants remain a risk.
Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020 FORCE Improved Exploration TC and our networks have lived by the ambition to offer high quality webinars and virtual field trips, addressing a broad range of technical themes and facilitate discussions within Geophysical Methods, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Structural Geology and Petroleum Systems.
This doesn’t come for free. It is accomplished thanks to our enthusiastic network leaders and members that mature ideas, plan, prepare and deliver our highly relevant webinars.
Going forward we will continue to capture and progress ideas and deliver future meetings in whatever format they will come; Please look out for our post-vacation new launch: Core Webinar!

Improved Exploration will continue our good collaboration with Improved Recovery. We welcome the new FORCE network Energy Efficiency and Environment (EEE); While still new, we already see potential synergies and early ideas for collaboration to address the energy transition challenge we are in, framed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
With that, I thank you all for what we have achieved by the first half of 2021. May summer sun, rain, warmth, and light embrace your vacation days whether spent by the sea, in the city or in the mountains, leaving teams and zoom to rest until we meet “back in office”.

On behalf of Improved Exploration
Ingrid E. I. Øxnevad


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Greetings from TC-IOGR

TC-IOGR would like to direct special thanks to our network leaders. They have the pleasure of having competence dialogue with multiple companies, and research institutions, within their field of interest, but also the challenge of coordinating the
experience sharing. As all the events, and event planning, is currently done virtually, I would use the opportunity to give a message to all of us to support and inspire the FORCE networks!
Furthermore, the event participants and FORCE Secretariat, is vital to achieve the TC-IOGR goal to “.. stimulate experience exchange and competent building to increase the oil and gas recovery from existing fields.”

TC-IOGR wish you all the best for the summer, and any contributions to deliver on our goals are welcome to continue our successes in the rest of 2021!

Johanna Normann Ravnås
Chairman, TC-IOGR


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Previous and upcoming events

27.01 Upscaling of Near-Miscible WAG in Heterogeneous Reservoirs (31)
28.01 Microbial life in small water droplets enclosed in oil (54)
11.02 Summary and results from the Force 2020 Machine Learning Contest (109)
17.02 Immiscible WAG modelling (32)
18.02. How can we deliver 4000 m MD wells in 10 days on NCS? (90)
16.03. Let’s learn to treat our faults better (59)
24.03. Recent Development of Near Miscible WAG (21)
08.04. Well Clean-up and Well Test to Production Facility (59)
09.04. Mind the Gap #1 (140)
14-15.04. Fault Compartments (237)
16.04. Mind the Gap #2 (99)
23.04. Mind the Gap #3 (63)
28.04. Post Force competition Symposium, where the contestants will showcase their working
methods and results (106)
30.04. Mind the Gap #4 (89)
20.05 Understanding in-situ polymer rheology from laboratory studies, rheological theory, and field
test results (19)
01.06 Workflows for handling uncertainty: are ensembles really the answer? (207)
11.06 Improved understanding of seepage in and around well locations
24.06 Variability in the geometry of segmented normal fault surfaces
30.06 Along-strike stratigraphic response to normal fault growth: sediment sources, stacking and
17-18.11 Ichnology of Petroleum Systems

Underexplored Plays IV
Basement Highs: Formation, evolution and reservoir characterisation
Joining Forces
Field trip to Kalavrita, Gulf of Corinth, Greece



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