The thrill at the edge: Seismic Geometry, Reservoir Architecture, Trapping Mechanism and Forward Modelling of Clinoforms


30/10/2019 Dont miss out on the 2 day seminar and dinner on November 11-12. We aim to an exciting venue where ideas are exchanged and provoked and discussion welcome. We realize the existence of a lot of misunderstanding regarding clinoform terminology and all the implication that derived from it.

What is a clinoform? What is the difference between a shelfal clinoform and a basin margin clinoform? What reservoirs are we expecting at a basin margin and along a basin clinoform? What reservoir are we encountering on a shelfal clinoform? What sedimentary processes do we observe? Is there any trapping mechanism along a clinoform? Can we model them? Do we have any tools that help us to predict where we are on a clinoform?

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Updated: 30/10/2019