All FORCE seminars postponed until futher notice


12/03/2020 Restrictions on visits in connection with spread of coronavirus The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has introduced restrictions with regard to presence in the Directorate’s offices for persons who have been in areas with prolonged spread of coronavirus. If you have been in these areas during the last 14 days, you must not participate in meetings in the Directorate.

Which areas this applies to is being updated on a continuous basis on the Norwegian Institute of Public Health’s website. The overview may be changed at short notice, so you are responsible for staying up to date with regard to the relevant areas. The restriction applies for 14 days after you return home. If you are in doubt, contact the person who invited you to the meeting. Contact the chair of the meeting to clarify whether you can participate via telephone or Skype.
If you are scheduled to visit or have a meeting in the NPD’s offices, we ask that you do not shake hands. It is also important that you are vigilant with personal hygiene while you are in our offices. That means:

- Be thorough when washing your hands, and/or use hand sanitizer/disinfectant
- If you cough, you must do so in a paper tissue that is then discarded, or cough into your elbow

Updated: 12/03/2020