Webinar: Salt Tectonic Talks


03/12/2020 The structural geology group is offering 3 talks on salt tectonics. All talks are 20 minutes long with 5 minutes allowed for questions. There will be talk from Olly Duffy from the University of Texas at Austin, Christopher Jackson, Imperial College London and Gabriela Salomao-Martins, Imperial College London.


12.00-12.25     Renaissance of North Sea Salt Tectonics: Permian and Triassic Salt Tectonics of the Central North Sea (Olly Duffy, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin)

12.25-12.50     The Egersund Basin; the syn-rift structure and stratigraphy of a salt-influenced rift basin (Christopher Jackson, Imperial College London)

12.50-13.15     Petrophysical characterisation and structural styles of salt welds in the Southern North Sea (Gabriela Salomao-Martins, Imperial College London)

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Updated: 03/12/2020