Webinar: Evolution of Vitrinite Reflectance Models

22/11/2021 The petroleum systems network group invites you to a webinar featuring Professor Alan Burnham from Iowa State University . The inventor of the first good vitrinite-reflectance kinetics scheme, on the invention of the first vitrinite-reflection kinetics model (Sweeney & Burnham, 1990) and new developments in vitrinite-models.

Vitrinite reflectance is a standard method for measuring the thermal maturity of sedimentary rocks and kinetic models of vitrinite reflectance commonly used to constrain paleothermal histories in basin and petroleum system modeling. EASY%Ro is a one such kinetic model. EASY%Ro is based on the concept that reflectance is related to the chemical composition of vitrinite phytoclasts.

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Updated: 22/11/2021