Webinar: Let’s learn to treat our faults better


Torben Treffeisen

09/03/2021 The Carbonat and Chalk Network Group invites you to join this great webinar. Torben Treffeisen will be talking about the future of fault representation on March 16th.

In this webinar we discuss assumptions and simplifications used to implement faults in hydro-mechanical finite element reservoir simulations.
We start with the numerical approach, go on to the grid geometry & resolution and end with the influence fault zone material properties have on the simulation. Pros and Cons of the different methods are presented and recommendations are given in order to achieve the best fault representation for a specific area of interest.
Lastly, fields of future development, particularly in regards to the possibility of more detailed fault zone models in full-field reservoir simulations as well as new upscaling techniques for fault zone material properties, are showcased.

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Updated: 09/03/2021