Webinar: Regional Structure and Basin Development of the mid-Norwegian Volcanic Passive Margin


26/10/2021 The petroleum systems network group is happy to present this webinar featuring Dmitry Zastrozhnov from Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research and Saint-Petersburg State University". Dmitry will be talking about the regional structure and basin development of the mid-Norwegian volcanic passive margin.


The interior of the Norwegian Sea contains of about 20% of total oil and gas resources of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. However, the significant potential for additional resources remains hidden in the deep outer parts of the shelf. An extensive data acquisition campaign during last 15 years brings new knowledge regarding the entire mid-Norwegian margin and its outer part in particular. New 2D and 3D seismic surveys, potential field data, as well as new wells are now available for interpretation. This study aimed to compile and jointly interpret this extensive and contemporary dataset to refine timing of tectonic events in the area, configuration and properties of the crust below sedimentary basins, as well as to perform detailed structural mapping along the margin. Another important task was to review and validate existing crustal models for the mid-Norwegian margin which were suggested before precise data was available.

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Updated: 26/10/2021