Webinar:Interrelation between surface and basement heat flow in sedimentary basins

17/09/2021 The petroleum systems network group has the pleasure of inviting you to a webinar feauting Dr. Daniel Schmid from GeoModeling Solutions & University of Oslo. The topic will be on Interrelation between surface and basement heat flow in sedimentary basins. Don't miss out on this great webinar from FORCE.


The results of petroleum system models (PSM) critically depend on the computed evolution of the temperature field. Because PSM typically only resolve the sedimentary basin and not the entire lithosphere, it is necessary to apply a basement–heat-flow boundary condition inferred from well data, surface–heat-flow measurements, and an assumed tectonic scenario. The purpose of this paper is to assess the use of surface–heat-flow measurements to calibrate basin models.

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Updated: 17/09/2021