Webinar: The Paleozoic petroleum system in the North Sea


05/04/2022 Welcome to a webinar arranged by the FORCE Petroleum Systems network. This one-hour talk will be given by Guro Skarstein on behalf of the PaBas consortium, University of Stavanger. Join us on April 28th.

As the Palaeozoic petroleum system turned out to be very prolific in the southern Gas Basin, North Sea, the industry also wanted to test this petroleum system in the Norwegian North Sea (NNS). Discoveries in Cretaceous chalks (e.g Ekofisk field) and later in Jurassic sandstone reservoirs (e.g Statfjord field) mainly sourced by the Upper Jurassic Kimmeridge Clay equivalent source rocks (i.e. Mandal, Draupne, Tau) proved the presence of the very prolific younger Jurassic petroleum system. Consequently, there was no incentive to explore for Palaeozoic plays.

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Updated: 05/04/2022