Webinar: Underexplored Plays IV

underexplored plays

05/01/2022 The organizing committee would like to welcome you to a two day seminar on Underexplored Plays for the Norwegian Continental Shelf. In this seminar we will also risk the upcoming 2022 key exploration wells! This is followed up by one of our key note presenters, Alexei Milkov, who has compared pre-drill vs. post-drill outcomes in petroleum exploration.

The seminar has unfortunately been changed to a digital format due to the current situation with Covid-19. We are very sorry to not have a physical seminar, but the very interesting presentations will still make this a highly valuable seminar to attend.

This will be the fourth seminar on Underexplored Plays and in this seminar we will discuss the following topics;


  • Underexplored near field
  • NCS in the World
  • International analogues to the NCS
  • Optimization of the subsurface with new technology
  • The future of exploration
  • Challenging oils

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Updated: 05/01/2022