In-person @ the NPD: Language modelling Hackathon 2023

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23/11/2023 The Data Analytics, Machine Learning and data centric workflows network group is inviting to a new edition of the previously successful Stavanger hackathons with public oil and gas industry data. The aim of the hackathon is to use the datasets to build interesting applications or explore the depth of the data using language modelling techniques and machine learning. Compute power will be provided.

We have prepared a very large dataset of text from public oil and gas documents (Diskos, NLOG, NSTA) in a readily accessible format. In addition oil and gas specific named entity recognition (NER) on the data is available. The data can be used for many kids of natural language modelling tasks or semantic search implementations.


The registration is closed, but you can fin all our events here.

Updated: 23/11/2023