In-person @NPD: tight reservoirs - reservoir appraisal and development


21/11/2023 Developing tight reservoir plays effectively depends on a successfully completing a precarious balancing act between technical cost and economic benefits, with typically small commercial margins.

  • Building-up a thorough understanding of the subsurface variation in rock and fluid properties, for both the target reservoir and the overburden sequence, is essential. 
  • Understanding and accepting that there typically will be irreducible subsurface uncertainties due to often pronounced reservoir heterogeneity is essential for project planning and decision making.
  • There are no ‘silver bullets’ for development as individual reservoirs can be tight and difficult to develop for many reasons.
  • Full life cycle thinking is essential in completing timely and careful appraisal and shaping the decisions required for field/area development.
  • Avoidance of ‘bitter’ spots may be equally important as ‘sweet spotting’ in dealing with the various subsurface uncertainties and optimising projects.


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Updated: 21/11/2023