Webinar: CCS Activities in OMV

ccs omv

18/09/2023 The Carbon Capture and Storage network group is happy to invite you to a webinar freaturing Thomas Florian from OMV. He will talk about the CCS activities in OMV. Don't miss out on this great event on sept. 19th.

In line with the aim of becoming a net-zero company OMV Energy will invest in geothermal energy and carbon capture and storage (CCS), leveraging existing assets and capabilities, and contribute to a more sustainable society. Significant funds are going to be invested in the development of those low-carbon business opportunities to achieve the CCS target of 5 mn metric tons per year in 2030.
In order to focus and streamline the activities, a dedicated value center for low carbon business was set up within the Energy division. Currently, the main CCS activities take place in Norway and Romania.

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Updated: 18/09/2023