In-person & Webinar: Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models

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25/09/2023 Data Analytics, Machine Learning and data centric workflows welcomes you to this webinar on Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models. Mahad Nadeem Janjua from Wintershall Dea and Lukas Mosser from Aker BP will be presenting. Don't miss out on this great event on Oct. 2nd.

In this presentation, participants will get insight into:

  • What Natural Language Processing (NLP) is and what Large Language Models (LLMs) are in relation to the fields of Generative AI and NLP
  • Fundamental concepts in NLP
  • Principles behind LLMs
  • Example use cases involving the use of NLP and LLMs at Wintershall Dea and AkerBP

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Updated: 25/09/2023