Webinar: NCCS a and gigaCCS projects

CCS ship

20/11/2023 Nicola (SINTEF Energy Research) is the Centre Manager for the Norwegian CCS Research Centre. Trained as a geologist, Nicola worked for 15 years in the Oil and Gas industry, before making a career change to pursue her interest in CCS. Nicola and her team recently submitted a proposal for a new Research Centre, which aims to be a Centre of Excellence for CCS in Norway, with a focus on accelerating the deployment of CCS at gigatonne scale for net-zero emissions by 2050

Interest in CCS as a tool to reach emissions reduction targets is at an all time high. The NCCS, and upcoming gigaCCS, Research Centres are important arenas for research, innovation, strategic engagement, capacity building and international collaboration in the field of CCS. In this presentation, we will consider the role research has had to play in building the current momentum in CCS activity and ask what the role of research and innovation will be as we approach our 2030 and 2050 climate targets.

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Updated: 20/11/2023