Webinar: Production from low permeability reservoir and hydraulic fracturing


07/11/2023 Production Optimisation and Reservoir Managment Network Group presents a webinar on Production from low permeability reservoir and hydraulic fracturing. You will hear presentations from the NPD, Equinor, Schlumberger and Shell. Don't miss out on this great event on November 9.


  1. Low permeability reservoir resource potential by NPD 15 min
  2. Equinor recent platform hydraulic fracturing experience from a low permeability reservoir including views on extension to subsea Jan Håvard Jøranson 30 min
  3. Schlumberger: Experiences in hydraulic fracturing in North sea (Southern North sea, some subsea examples, some platform, comment on regulation differences between UK, Norway) – 30 min
  4. Linnorm Gas Field Development – recovery from the tight reservoirs part of the field, Knut-Terje Noraberg and Teodor Damian (Shell) – 30 min
  5. Discussion ‘what is needed to develop such reservoirs’ – 15 min


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Updated: 07/11/2023