In-person @NPD: Making good decisions under subsurface uncertainty


03/01/2024 The FORCE IRM group invite you to this 2-day-seminar on 6-7 February 2024. It aims to gather subsurface practitioners for open discussions on uncertainty and its implementation in our industry.

Are we good enough at incorporating subsurface uncertainty when making decisions? What should we be doing to improve? Where are we in 2024, and where are we heading?

The following areas will be addressed:

  • Understand the impact of human biases and how they affect uncertainty evaluation
  • What can we do to avoid biases and improve uncertainty elicitation?
  • Communicating uncertainty: Good practices and use cases
  • Understanding our data: Limitations, pit-falls and established truths. What is hard data?
  • In what instances do we need deterministic model(s) in addition to ensembles? How have you handled using both

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Updated: 03/01/2024