Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs

As implied by the name Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs this network is set up to cover topics and opportunities specific to fields producing from carbonate and chalk reservoirs.

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The chalk fields of the North Sea, which in many ways pioneered the petroleum industry in Norway, are known for their particularities and complexities. , such challenges were studied and developed under the Joint Chalk Research program (JCR). The JCR was a joint effort between industry and authorities in both Norway and Denmark in order to promote development of the hydrocarbon resources stored in chalk formations.

In a way, the JCR was thus the predecessor to the FORCE Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs network, which was formed in late 2018. One aim of the Carbonate and Chalk Reservoirs network group is  to promote and further develop the findings from the JCR and facilitate for continued advancements for a sustainable development of the Norwegian chalk reservoirs.

Simultaneously, the network is also envisaged to be a place to foster knowledge and expertise on more “traditional” carbonate reservoirs and exploration targets. Historically, such reservoirs and exploration targets have played a less prominent role on the Norwegian Continental Shelf, but have recently experienced a revival of attention in the Norwegian and Barents Sea areas.



  • Be a forum for open discussion and exchange about chalk and carbonate-related themes, challenges and opportunities
  • Bring together contractors, oil companies and academia in order to learn from each other
  • Organize workshops / Lunch&Learn sessions
  • Promote and review project proposals

The network encourages service companies, oil companies and academics to contact the network group if they have ideas or project proposals that they want to bring to the attention of the community.


Network members per 12.06.2023

Eirik Stueland, Eirik Serigstad, Søren Amdi Christensen, Israel Polonio, Niels Rameil Aker BP
Edvard Omdal ConocoPhillips
Ali Jahanapanah, Björn Seyfang, Omid Karoussi, Åsmund Haugen Equinor
Carol Baunack Harbour Energy
Israel Polonio, Niels Rameil Lundin Norway
Jyoti Goswami Neptune Energy Norge
Eli Jens Høgnesen The Norwegian Offshore Directorate
Morthen Ahlborn PGNiG
Fernando de Miguel Sval Energi
Evgeniya Gorbenko TotalEnergies
Matteo Gennaro Vår Energi
Stefan Lubeseder Wintershall Dea Norge AS



Updated: 30/12/2023

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