Upgrade of FactPages and FactMaps


06/06/2019 Starting today, we are switching to a new, upgraded version of our FactPages and FactMaps. There will be a three-month transition period, after which the old pages will no longer be available.

The transition period is up to and including 3 October 2019, so that users who download data can reorganise their systems.

See more information about the changes below.


From today through 3 October, new FactPages will be available at:

The old FactPages will be available at this address during the same period: http://factpages.npd.no/

NOTE! From 3 October, the https://npdfactpages.npd.no address will be replaced by https://factpages.npd.no

Send comments or report errors to factweb@npd.no


From today through 3 October, new FactMaps will be available at:

The old FactMaps will be available at this address during the same period: http://gis.npd.no/factmaps/html_21/

Both the new and the old version will have associated WMS, WFS and ArcGIS Rest Services available. This also applies to the “old” downloadable files for shape, Filgeodatabase and WKT.

NOTE! From 3 October, only the following address will be available: https://factmaps.npd.no/factmaps/3_0/

General upgrades

  • Transfer of data to Excel from table view is now done using xlsx, not xls.

  • All webpages and services have been converted to secure communication; https encryption.

  • FactMaps are now only available in html version. Functionality from the advanced edition is now built into the html edition.

  • Services and downloads for FactMaps are expanded to reflect all data available from the FactPages.

  • Refers to FactPages and GeoNorge for more detailed information about the services. In GeoNorge, these will be labelled version 3.0.

  • Version 3.0 has been upgraded to newer ArcGIS (10.6.1) and Geocortex (4.11) versions.

Changes and additions

BAA (Business arrangement area)




TUF (Transportation and Utilization Facilities)

Fields and discoveries

Downloading data from FactPages

The NPD prioritises keeping the “Table view” part of FactPages as backward compatible as possible. For those of you who download data using XML or CSV:

  • No existing tags have changed name
  • No existing reports have changed name or been deleted
  • Table view – new attributes

Below is an overview showing which table views now have new attributes. Reference is made to the Tag name which is used in CSV and XML format.

To see the definition of the various attributes, look under “Attributes” on the respective tabs in Factpages. See e.g. https://factpages.npd.no/default.aspx?culture=nb-no&nav1=wellbore&nav2=Attributes

“Wellbore” / “Table view” / “Exploration” – “All -long list”



“Wellbore”/ “Table view”/”Development”



“Wellbore”/ “Table view”/”Other”



"Surveys"/"Table view"/"Overview surveys"



"Facility"/"Table view"/"Mobile"





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Updated: 18/11/2022

Latest news

Well for data acquisition on Wisting
22/04/2024 Equinor has completed an appraisal well (7324/7-4) on the Wisting discovery in the Barents Sea. The objective was to acquire data on the reservoir and cap rock, for use in ongoing evaluation and development of the discovery.
Production figures March 2024
19/04/2024 Preliminary production figures for March 2024 show an average daily production of 2 086 000 barrels of oil, NGL and condensate.
Norwegian Offshore Directorate publishes new deep sea data
17/04/2024 In June 2022, the Norwegian Offshore Directorate published data collected up to 2022. The Directorate is now releasing deep sea data gathered from 2022 to 2024.
The future in the Barents Sea is here now
17/04/2024 The Johan Castberg ship will soon be heading north. With the ship in place, the plan is to have three producing fields in the Barents Sea by the end of the year.
Oil discovery in the North Sea
17/04/2024 Vår Energi has made an oil discovery in "Ringhorne Nord" (wells 25/8-23 S and 25/8-23 A & B), north of the Ringhorne Øst field, 200 kilometres northwest of Stavanger.
Entering into cooperation with Greenland and Denmark on seabed minerals
15/04/2024 This cooperation involves an MoU – Memorandum of Understanding – with the aim of acquiring additional knowledge on seabed minerals.
Drilling permit for well 35/11-27 S
03/04/2024 The Norwegian Offshore Directorate has granted Wintershall Dea Norge AS drilling permit for well 35/11-27 S in production licence 248, cf. Section 13 of the Resource Management Regulations.
Seabed minerals – step by step
26/03/2024 Seabed minerals represent a new and exciting opportunity for Norway, and a chance for us to be a pioneer nation – much like we have been within the oil and gas industry, both as regards stewardship of resources and development of technology.
Drilling permit for well 24/6-5
25/03/2024 The Norwegian Offshore Directorate has granted Aker BP ASA drilling permit for well 24/6-5 in production licence 203, cf. Section 13 of the Resource Management Regulations.
Sign up for Technology Day 2024
22/03/2024 Now, a very exciting program with lectures from a variety of companies is ready for Technology Day on June 6th.