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We participate in research efforts in various fields, including regional geology, stratigraphy and biostratigraphy. Some scientific publications are published at npd.no. Only the abstract of copyrighted articles is published.


Article: A revised lithostratigraphic scheme for the Eocene to Pleistocene succession on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Tor Eidvin, Fridtjof Riis, Harald Brekke & Morten Smelror.


Report: Micropaleontology and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of well 25/3-1 (Utsira High) in the North Sea including the sandy Ull (informal), Skade, Eir(informal) and Utsira formations.

Tor Eidvin


Article: The use of Sr isotope stratigraphy to date the Pleistocene sediments of the Norwegian continental shelf – a review.

Tor Eidvin, Dag Ottesen, Karen Dybkjær, Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen & Fridtjof Riis.

Article: A new stratigraphic framework for the Miocene – Lower Pliocene deposits offshore Scandinavia: A multiscale approach (wiley.com).

Karen Dybkjær, Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen, Tor Eidvin, Kari Grøsfjeld, Fridtjof Riis, Stefan Piasecki, Kaisa K. Śliwinska.

Report: Biostratigraphy and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of the upper part of the Brygge Formation, Kai and Naust formations in well 6507/5-1 and cored section of the Naust Formation in well 6507/5-J-1 H from the the Skarv Field (Revfallet Fault Complex, Norwegian Sea shelf) (NPD stratigraphic report 2019/01, updated 2020)

Tor Eidvin


Article: A Miocene age for the Molo Formation, Norwegian Sea shelf off Vestfjorden, based on marine palynology

Kari Grøsfjeld, Karen Dybkjær, Tor Eidvin, Fridtjof Riis, Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen, Jochen Knies

Article: Correlation of the Upper Oligocene–Miocene deltaic to shelfal succession onshore Denmark with similar deposits in the northern North Sea and Norwegian Sea shelf based on Sr isotope-, bio- and seismic stratigraphy—a review

Tor Eidvin Erik, Skovbjerg Rasmussen, Fridtjof Riis, Karen Dybkjær, Kari Grøsfjeld


Article: Miocene oil-bearing diatom ooze from the North Sea (pdf)

Emma Sheldon, Erik S. Rasmussen, Karen Dybkjær, Tor Eidvin, Fridtjof Riis & Rikke Weibel

Report: Biostratigrafi and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of well 16/3-5 (Johan Sverdrup Field) including the Eir (informal) and Utsira formations (pdf)

Tor Eidvin

Report: Biostratigraphy and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of well 26/10-1 (Zulu gas discovery) including the Skade, Eir (informal) and Utsira formations (pdf)

Tor Eidvin


Article: Discussion on Late Cenozoic geological evolution of the northern North Sea: development of a Miocene unconformity reshaped by large-scale Pleistocene sand intrusion Journal, Vol. 170, 133–145. (pdf)

Yngve Rundberg & Tor Eidvin

Report: Biostratigraphy and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of Lower Oligocene to Pleistocene in Well 9/09a-A 23 (Bruce Field, UK) including Hutton Sand (informal) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin

Report: Biostratigraphy and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of the Skade and Utsira Formations in well 16/2-14 (Johan Sverdrup Field) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin

Report: Biostratigraphy and Strontium Isotope Stratigraphy (SIS) of the Utsira Formation and overlying Upper Pliocene sandy unit in well 15/9-13 (close to the CO₂ injection site on the Sleipner Field) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin


Article: The Oligocene succession in the eastern North Sea: basin development and depositional systems (pdf)

E. M. Jarsve, T. Eidvin, J. P. Nystuen, J. I. Faleide, R. H. Gabrielsen & B. I. Thyberg

Article: Discrepancy between Sr isotope and biostratigraphic datings of the upper middle and upper Miocene successions (Eastern North Sea Basin, Denmark) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Clemens Vinzenz Ullmann, Karen Dybkjær, Erik Skovbjerg Rasmussen & Stefan Piasecki.

Article: Oligocene to Lower Pliocene deposits of the Norwegian continental shelf, Norwegian Sea, Svalbard, Denmark and their relation to the uplift of Fennoscandia: A synthesis (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Fridtjof Riis & Erik S. Rasmussen.

Article: Defining and Recognizing the Outer Limits of the Continental Shelf in the Polar Regions (paywall)

Harald Brekke


Bulletin (interactiv): Investigation of Oligocene to Lower Pliocene deposits in the Nordic offshore area and onshore Denmark (NPD Bulletin 10)

Tor Eidvin, Fridtjof Riis, Erik S. Rasmussen & Yngve Rundberg

Article: Kinetic modelling of CO2–water–rock interactions (pdf)

Helge Hellevang, Van T.H. Pham, Per Aagaard

Article: Assessment of CO2 injection into the south Utsira-Skade aquifer, the North Sea, Norway (pdf)

V.T.H. Pham, F. Riis, I.T. Gjeldvik, E.K. Halland, I.M. Tappel, P. Aagaard

Article: The Lofoten-Vesterålen continental margin, North Norway: Canyons and mass-movement (paywall)

Leif Rise, Reidulv Bøe, Fridtjof Riis, Valérie K. Bellec, Jan Sverre Laberg, Tor Eidvin, Sigrid Elvenes, & Terje Thorsnes


Article: On the potential for CO2 mineral storage in continental flood basalts – PHREEQC batchand 1D diffusion–reaction simulations (pdf) 

Thi Hai Van Pham, Per Aagaard and Helge Hellevang


Article: Numerical modeling including hysteresis properties for CO2 storage in Tubåen formation, Snøhvit field, Barents Sea (pdf)

Pham T.H.V. a, Maast T. Ea, Hellevang H, Aagaard Pa. 1

Article: On the potential of CO2–water–rock interactions for CO2 storage using a modified kinetic model (pdf)

V.T.H. Phama, P. Lub, P. Aagaarda, C. Zhub, H. Hellevanga

Article: Submarine Ridges and Elevations of Article 76 in Light of Published Summaries of Recommendations of the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (paywall)

Harald Brekke and Philip Symonds


Article: Faulty geology halts project (pdf)

Tor Eidvin & Jon Arne Øverland

Article: Geological evolution of the Norwegian continental shelf between 61ºN and 68ºN during the last 3 million years (pdf)

Dag Ottesen, Leif Rise, Espen Sletten Andersen, Tom Bugge & Tor Eidvin

Report: A biostratragraphic, strontium isotopic and lithostratigraphic study of the upper part of Hordaland Group and lower part of Nordland Group in well 34/7-2, 34/7-12 and 34/7-R-1 H from the Tordis Field in the Tampen area (northern North Sea). (pdf)

Tor Eidvin


Article: The Tertiary of Norden (pdf)

E.S. Rasmussen, C. Heilmann-Clausen, R. Waagsten & T. Eidvin

Article: Evolution of the Triassic shelf in the northern Barents Sea region (pdf)

Fridtjof Riis, Bjørn A. Lundschien, Tore Høy, Atle Mørk & Mai Britt E. Mørk.
Polar Research 27 2008 318–338 © 2008 The Authors

Article: The Plio-Pleistocene glaciation of the Barents Sea–Svalbard region: a new model based on revised chronostratigraphy (paywall)

Jochen Knies, Jens Matthiessen, Christoph Vogt, Jan Sverre Laberg, Berit O. Hjelstuen, Morten Smelror, Eiliv Larsen, Karin Andreassen, Tor Eidvin, & Tore O. Vorren


Article: Post-Eocene strata of the southern Viking Graben, northern North Sea; integrated biostratigraphic, strontium isotopic and lithostratigraphic study (pdf)

Tor Eidvin & Yngve Rundberg

Article: The Molo Formation, deposited by coastal progradation on the inner Mid-Norwegian continental shelf, coeval with the Kai Formation to the west and the Utsira Formation in the North Sea (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Tom Bugge & Morten Smelror


Article: Controls on depositional history and architecture of the Oligocene-Miocene succession, northern North Sea Basin (pdf)

Yngve Rundberg and Tor Eidvin

Report: Biostratigraphic investigation of well 35/2-1 (pdf)

Tor Eidvin


Article: Formation of large, crater-like evacuation structures in ooze sediments in the Norwegian Sea. Possible implications for the development of the Storegga Slide

F. Riis, K. Berg, J. Cartwright, T. Eidvin and K. Hansch

Article: Interplay of turbidite and contourite deposition along the Cosmonaut Sea/Enderby Land margin, East Antarctica

B. Kuvaas, Y. Kristoffersen, J. Guseva, G. Leitchenkov, V. Gandjukhin, O. Løvås, M. Sand and H. Brekke


Article: Cenozoic stratigraphy and evolution of the Sørvestsnaget Basin, southwestern Barents Sea (pdf)

A. Ryseth, J.H. Augustson, M. Charnak, O. Haugerud, S-M. Knutsen, P.S. Midbøe, J.G. Opsal & G. Sundsbø

Article: Mid-Pleistocene ice drainage pattern in the Norwegian Channel imaged by 3D seismic (paywall)

L. Rise, O. Olesen, K. Rokoengen, D. Ottesena and F. Riis

Article: Palynological and foraminiferal biostratigraphy of (Upper Pliocene) Nordland Group mudstones at Sleipner, northern North Sea (paywall)

Martin J. Head, James B. Riding, Tor Eidvin, and R. Andrew Chadwick


Article: Late Cainozoic stratigraphy of the Tampen area (Snorre and Visund fields) in the North Sea, with emphasis on the chronology of early Neogene sands (pdf)

Tor Eidvin & Yngve Rundberg

Article: Sedimentary environments offshore Norway – an overview (paywall)

Harald Brekke, Hans Iva Sjulstad, Christian Magnus and Robert W. Williams


Article: The upper Cainozoic of the Norwegian continental shelf correlated with the deep sea record of the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic (paywall)

Tor Eidvin, Eystein Jansen, Yngve Rundberg, Harald Brekke and Paul Grogan

Dissertation: Late Cainozoic stratigraphy of the Norwegian continental shelf (Dr. philos. thesis) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin


Article: Age models for glacial fan deposits off east Greenland and Svalbard (Sites 986 and 987) (pdf)

J.E.T. Channel, Morten Smelror, Eystein Jansen, Sean M. Higgins, B. Lehman, Tor Eidvin, and A. Solheim

Article: Foraminiferal biostratigraphy of pliocene deposits at site 986, Svalbard margin (pdf)

Tor Eidvin & Jenö Nagy

Article: Upper Cainozoic stratigraphy in the central North Sea (Ekofisk and Sleipner fields) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Fridtjof Riis & Yngve Rundberg

Article: Structural elements and petroleum geology of the Norwegian sector of the northern Barents Sea

P. Grogan, A.-M. Østvedt-Ghasi, G.B. Larssen, B. Fotland, K. Nyberg, S. Dahlgren and T. Eidvin


Article: Cenozoic stratigraphy of the Norwegian Sea continental shelf, 64°N-68°N (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Harald Brekke, Fridtjof Riis & David K. Renshaw

Article: The Pleistocene to Middle Eocene stratigraphy and geological evolution of the western Barents Sea continental margin at well site 7316/5-1 (Bjørnøya west area) (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Robert M. Goll, Paul Grogan, Morten Smelror & Kaare Ulleberg

Report: Biostratigraphical investigation of borehole 6704/12-GB1 from the Gjallar Ridge on the Vøring Plateau. (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Nalan Koç, Morten Smelror & Eystein Jansen


Article: Crustal structure of the northern part of the Vøring Basin, mid-Norway margin, from wide-angle seismic and gravity data (paywall)

R. Mjelde, P. Digranes, H. Shimamura, H. Shiobar, S. Kodaira, H. Brekke, T. Egebjerg, N. Sørenes, and S. Thorbjørnsen


Article: Quantification of Cenozoic vertical movements of Scandinavia by correlation of morphological surfaces with offshore data (paywall)

Fritdjof Riis


Article: Impact of glaciations on basin evolution: data and models from the Norwegian margin and adjacent areas—Introduction and summary (pdf)

A. Solheim, F. Riis, A. Elverhøi, J. I. Faleide, L. N. Jensend and S. Cloetingh


Article: Chronology of Tertiary fan deposits off the western Barents Sea: Implications for the uplift and erosion history of the Barents Shelf (pdf)

Tor Eidvin, Eystein Jansen and Fridtjof Riis


Article: Introduction: Measuring uplift and erosion – proposal for a terminology (pdf)

Fridtjof Riis & Lars N. Jensen

Article: Neotectonism in the Jæren area, southwest Norway (pdf)

Edith M.G. Fugelli & Fridtjof Riis

Article: Dating and measuring of erosion, uplift and subsidence in Norway and the Norwegian shelf in glacial periods (pdf)

Fridtjof Riis


Article: A giant three-stage submarine slide off Norway

Tom Bugge, Stein Befring, Robert H. Belderson, Tor Eidvin, Eystein Jansen, Neil H. Kenyon, Hans Holtedahl and Hans Petter Sejrup

Article: Large submarine slides on the Norwegian continental margin: Sediments, transport and timing (paywall)

Eystein Jansen, Stein Befring, Tom Bugge, Tor Eidvin, Hans Holtedahl and Hans Petter Sejrup


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