Next generation production systems


A large number of subsea developments, tied back to existing infrastructure, will come om stream over the next several years.

Among other things, the field developments of the future will consist of unmanned process facilities and subsea developments. This requires technological development within production systems.

Important technology areas within next generation production systems include technology for separation, injection and compression on the seabed.

Efficient solutions

Another important priority area is the development of cost-effective intervention solutions for subsea wells.

Environmental considerations has always been an integrated part of how we manage our oil and gas resources, and this is safeguarded through all phases of the activity – from exploration, development and operation to abandonement of a field.

Development of low-emission power generation, including more efficient turbines, is an important focus area.

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Åsgard subsea compression, IOR award winner 2016 for licensees in the Åsgard field, the Norwegian Sea.

The Technology Use and Authority Involvement report (pdf)(Norwegian only). Describes nine proposed steps to achieve more development and use of technology.



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Updated: 27/11/2023

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