Subsurface data acquisition

New source technology can contribute to improved imaging quality. The piloting of new seismic source technology and acquisition methods that deviate from traditional "shot-based" seismic could therefore be an important contribution toward further developing exploration.

Ocean bottom seismic is important for areas with complex geology and where seismic data is acquired near installations. Cost-effective ocean bottom seismic can also enable the monitoring of marginal fields.

Important for development plans

Technology for reservoir monitoring, for example 4D seismic and use of tracers, is important both for optimal recovery strategies in fields in operation and and as an area of focus in the high number of development plans for discoveries expected over the next few years.

Dynamic data collection in exploration wells is important to reduce the overall uncertainty before operators choose a drainage strategy. Dynamic data can contribute to better reservoir understanding and a more optimised development solution – which in turn will entail higher value creation.

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Digitalisation of exploration, Resource report 2020 

Formation testing (Drill Stem Tests (DST)) (pdf, Norwegian only), IOR award finalist 2020, Lundin

4D seismic, IOR award in 2014

Inflow Tracers (pdf), IOR prize finalist 2018, Resman

The Technology Use and Authority Involvement report (pdf, Norwegian only). Describes nine proposed steps to achieve more development and use of technology.



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