Technology has been very important for developing the oil and gas industry in Norway.

Illustration of a technology strategy with text and illustrations.

Illustration of our technology strategy.

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate shall stimulate the industry to develop, cooperate closer and utilise new technology to an even greater extent.

The aim is that technology is used in all parts of the value chain, which provides sound resource management and the greatest possible value creation.

Technology Day 2024

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate arranges a technology day on 6 June 2024 similar to the technology days in 2022 and 2023. Subscribe to the Technology Day 2024 (Norwegian only)

For more information and questions, please contact technology coordinator Arvid Østhus, mobile +47 478 41 580.

Three main areas

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate's new technology strategy is particularly focused on three main areas the NPD believes will be important for the Norwegian shelf moving forward:

The strategy also says something about the steps the Norwegian Offshore Directorate will take to achieve more development and use of technology.

Discover more, produce more and reduce emissions

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate is particularly focused on technologies that can help discover more, produce more and reduce emissions, which are important for the development of the Norwegian shelf. These areas should be high priorities for the licensees in the production licenses.

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate wish is for technology opportunities to be a natural part of the work in the licences.  

Common direction for the industry

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate has also contributed to the work on the new OG21 strategy. It is updated every five years and stakes out the course for publicly funded petroleum research in Norway. The strategy also affects the plans for activities associated with research and development (R&D) in the industry and academia.



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Updated: 21/05/2024

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