Announcement 2024, round 2


All you need to know about licences for subsea reservoirs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf for injection and storage of CO2 in 2024, round 2.

Announcement nr. 2-2024: Acreage for CO2 storage on the Norwegian continental shelf

On 6 of June 2024, the Ministry of Energy announced three areas for CO2 storage pursuant to the CO2 Storage Regulations. This areas comprises defined blocks in the North Sea.

Press release from Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

Invitation to apply for licences for storage of CO2

Application deadline

The application deadline is 29 August 2024 at 12:00. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications well before the deadline.

Map of available acreage




Table with coordinates

List of coordinates, the North Sea (zip file)

Relevant information

CO2 Storage Atlas, Norwegian Continental Shelf

Norwegian Offshore Directorate CO2 factmap

Regulations relating to exploitation of subsea reservoirs on the continental shelf for storage of CO₂ and relating to transportation of CO₂ on the continental shelf

Regulations relating to materials and documentation in connection with surveys for and utilisation of subsea reservoirs on the continental shelf to store CO₂

Open data

How to apply

Each company that applies for licences must submit the following to the Ministry of Energy with copies to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate and the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil):

  1. Application letter, company information and receipt for paid application fee
  2. Application(s)

The submission to the Ministry of Energy and the Norwegian Offshore Directorate shall be sent via L2S Authority Communication or via Altinn.

1. Application letter, company information and receipt for paid application fee

The formal application letter with an overview of all applications the company is participating in, both individually and as a participant in group application(s), shall be submitted together with the company information. See Guideline to application letter and company information (pdf) for more information.

A fee of NOK 123,000 must be paid for each application. When several companies join in a group application to apply for a licence, this counts as one application.

One of the members of the group pays the fee. Payment shall be made to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate, account no.: 7694.05.00326, marked "CO2-storage".

A copy of the receipt must be enclosed with the application letter from the company.

2. Application(s)

Each application for a licence must be submitted in electronic format to the Ministry of Energy and the Norwegian Offshore Directorate. See Guideline for application for licence for CO2-storage (pdf) for more information.

Forms that must be completed

Application Data (Excel)

Company Information (Excel)

Geological Storage Complex and Quantities Stored Potential Data (Excel)

Other application information

Environmental, HSE and fishery terms and conditions (pdf)

Sandeel map

Available data


NPD Bulletins

Stratigraphic columns

Well data



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