Southeast of Troll

The 3D seismic data covers block 31/5, as well as a small part of block 31/4.

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate acquired the seismic data in September 2008. The vessel used was the Ramform Challenger. The seismic data was processed by CGG in 2008/2009. The seismic data covers 300 km2 FF.

The name of the survey is: NPD-TW-08-3D-TROLLCO2

The survey was undertaken to map the subsurface for potential CO2 storage sites. See the appendix Presentasjon Prod Geosc-1109_LJ.pdf for additional details.

In 2009, this work was transferred from the NPD to GASSNOVA. GASSNOVA continued the work and acquired an additional 3D survey to the south – a direct extension of the NPD-TW-08-3D-TROLLCO2.

The reasoning behind the seismic data sale: This is part of the NPD's overall assignment to make data easily accessible to the industry in all phases of activities on the NCS.

The price of the seismic package is NOK 1,518,000 plus VAT, cf. the terms of sale (Price for one company). The data will be distributed by Diskos.

An administration fee will be charged (in addition) and will be invoiced by the Diskos distributor according to the applicable price list. Orders can be placed by filling in the order form and submitting it to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate. Signature of the order form constitutes acceptance of the terms of sale.



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Updated: 21/12/2023

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