Norwegian Continental Shelf

"Norwegian Continental Shelf" is our external magazine.

Norwegian Continental Shelf no. 1 - 2020

"Norway is a different country. Nature has been generous with us. Our ability to exploit natural resources has put us in a unique position with a very high standard of living, a technology industry which ranks as a global leader, and a sovereign wealth fund of more than NOK 10 000 billion. That benefits the whole of Norwegian society", says Ingrid Sølvberg, Director general at the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

Norwegian Continental Shelf no. 2 - 2018

“The authorities should ensure that we also have stable framework conditions on the Norwegian Shelf in the future,” says Kristin Færøvik, chair of the board in the industry organisation Norwegian Oil and Gas. And she urges all her members: Continue to explore for oil and gas.

Norwegian Continental Shelf no. 1 - 2018

Installation of the Aasta Hansteen facility opens a new province and a new chapter for gas deliveries from Norway. And global use of gas increases from where it is today.



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