Annual status reporting for fields in production

The annual status report for fields in production is important for the authorities’ assessment of whether fields on the Norwegian shelf are being operated in accordance with the applicable regulations.

Every year within October 15th, all operators must submit a report on the operation of the fields, including challenges and measures implemented, as well as production development and plans for the coming year. The report shall describe the status, activities and measures that will form the basis for the authorities’ assessment of production strategy, supervision, environmental conditions, etc.

A guideline has been prepared for this reporting. The guideline describes topics that should normally be addressed in the report, requirements for content, as well as the framework that applies for submission. In this reporting, the operators are expected to use the most recent template for annual status report (ASR) as published on sodir.no. Pending a digital solution for ASR, the reporting has been simplified in 2024. Compared to the 2023 version the Excel-attachment has been taken out, but some of the information previously asked in the attachment are now part of the report text.

It is expected that the ASR will reflect strategies described in the Long Range Plan (LRP) for the fields. The latest revision of the LRP shall also be enclosed with the report.


What is the annual status report used for?

The ASR forms the basis for the authorities’ assessment of whether the fields are being operated in accordance with the preconditions in the regulations, approved plans and requirements. The report is used actively in connection with evaluation of applications for annual production and flaring/cold-venting permits, prioritisation of supervision and follow-up of fields, encourage to initiatives, as well as status updates for the fields on the Norwegian Offshore Directorate’s Factpages and on the norskpetroleum.no website. ASR also supports reporting for the revised national budget (RNB).

The directorate reviews all reports. In case of deficiencies, errors, lack of clarity or use of old templates, feedback will be given to the company’s contact person listed on the first page of the reports. The directorate can stipulate more detailed requirements regarding the content and format of the report. An updated report must be submitted by the stipulated deadline.


  • The annual status report is exempt from public disclosure pursuant to Section 13 of the Freedom of Information Act (Norwegian).
  • The annual status report shall be submitted in PDF format. All comments/notes in the template shall be deleted.
  • Annual status reports shall not be submitted if:
    • The field has been temporarily shut down throughout the entire current reporting period
    • A new field has started production in the current reporting period, and a status report has recently been submitted prior to start-up of the field
Regulatory basis

Updated: 28/06/2024

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Regulatory basis