• Labelling of oil samples

    14/03/2019 In accordance to Regulations relating to resource management in Petroleum activities (resource management regulations) Section 9, fluid samples shall be taken in connection with formation testing, and formation test logging.

  • Geochemical analyses - guide

    14/03/2019 The Norwegian Industry Guide to Organic Geochemical Analyses was last updated May 2000.The guide is a corporation between oil companies, research organisations, laboratories and the Norwegian Offshore Directorate.

  • Registration of wells

    14/03/2019 Forms with correct names and additional attributes must be submitted toThe Norwegian Offshore Directorate Factpages. See the overview of alternative forms to the right on this page.

  • Drilling reporting to the authorities (DDRS)

    14/03/2019 Daily report of all drilling acitivity toNorwegian Offshore Directorate and the Norwegian Ocean Industry Authority (Havtil).

  • Validation of geochemical data

    14/03/2019 Geochemical data must be sent to the Diskos database. This is stipulated in the Norwegian Offshore Directorate’s “Guidelines for reporting well data to authorities after completion”.

  • Drilling programme

    14/03/2019 For geo-technical content of the drilling programme, please refer to NORSOK standard D-010 Drilling and well operations, Revision 4.

  • Final reports and discovery evaluation reports for wells

    14/03/2019 Pursuant to Section 31 of the Resource Management Regulations, the following must be reported no later than six months after drilling is completed:

  • Guidelines for the destruction of material

    14/03/2019 The destruction of material and information (data) which may be of importance to the management of resources is regulated in the Regulations to the Act relating to petroleum activities (the Petroleum Regulations), Section 55, last subsection: