Resource reports


The Resource report contains a status of exploration and the resource on the Norwegian continental shelf as well as selected topics such as undiscovered resources, increased production and efficient operations. Since 1997, we have published a resource report every other year.

Resource report 2022

The NPD’s Resource report 2022 provides a status overview and analyses of the long-term opportunities and challenges for petroleum operations on the NCS.

Resource report 2020 – Exploration

Exploration activity on the Norwegian shelf is profitable in all areas and minor discoveries account for a significant share of value creation. There are still vast remaining resources in all areas. Exploration needs to continue at a high pace across the entire shelf.

Resource report 2019 – Fields and discovery

Even after more than 50 years, the Norwegian shelf still holds vast opportunities. More than half of the estimated remaining resources on the Norwegian shelf have already been discovered. 85 per cent are located in the fields and 15 per cent are located in discoveries that are being considered for development.

Resource report 2018 – Exploration

The 2018 Resource Report for Exploration shows that large remaining resources on the Norwegian continental shelf continue to offer great opportunities on the Norwegian shelf, both in mature and less explored areas.

Resource report 2017 – Fields and discovery

The significant remaining resources in discoveries and fields make it possible to create values for the Norwegian society for many decades into the future, according to the NPD’s new report Values for the future.


Updated: 20/06/2024

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