The digital slides are available on the Diskos site, compressed as TAR-files.

It is possible to visualise the digital slides using different applications, for example OpenSlide or SlideViewer, a free application available from 3DHISTECH.

  • Warped, tilted and/or bumpy cover slips. The auto-focus function is optimized for pathology tissue sections, which are very thin, flat, continuous surfaces, similar to petrographic thin sections. The auto-focus function works well with flat cover slips which are plane-parallel with the object glass. Cover slips that are not flat and plane-parallel (i.e. tilted) often cause the focus mapping routine to malfunction.
  • We can often achieve good focus by re-scanning problematic slides using different focus parameters: changing objective movement limits, changing focus grid, using objective with smaller numerical aperture / larger depth of field.

Updated: 11/01/2023

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