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Eva Halland has a geology degree from the University of Bergen and joined the NPD in 1984. She has many years of experience in the CO2 discipline.

Articles, publications and posters related to carbon capture and storage (CSS).

Scientific articles

The Norwegian continental shelf

Characterization and Classification of CO2 storage sites on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (PDF)

CO2 for EOR combined with storage in the Norwegian North Sea (PDF)


The North Sea

Kinetic modelling of CO2–water–rock interactions (PDF)

On the potential of CO2–water–rock interactions for CO2 storage using a modified kinetic model (PDF)

Perspective of CO2 for Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) in Norwegian North Sea (PDF)

The Barents Sea

Numerical modeling including hysteresis properties for CO2 storage in Tubåen formation, Snøhvit field, Barents Sea (PDF)

Simulation using CO2 for IOR/EOR in the discovery C, Barents Sea, Norway (PDF)

Case study: Simulation of storage of CO2 rich combustion gas in a shallow offshore reservoir (PDF)



The Norwegian continental shelf

Data availability from the Norwegian CO2 Storage Atlas, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate’s Online data repository

Characterization and Classification of CO2 storage sites on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (PDF)


The North Sea 

CO₂ storage in the Utsira-Skade aquifer (PDF)

Assessment of CO2 injection into the south Utsira-Skade aquifer, the North Sea, Norway (PDF)

The Norwegian Sea

The CO₂ storage atlas in the Norwegian Sea with simulation case study - Nordland Ridge (PDF)

CO₂ storage atlas Norwegian Sea – A case study from the Froan Basin (PDF)


Articles from the magazine, Norwegian Continental Shelf

Oil hunter now pursuing CO2 (no. 2, 2018)

Carbon stores mapped (pdf) (no. 2, 2013, p. 40)

NPD profile: Model student (pdf) (no. 1, 2013, p. 14)



CO2 storage atlas (pdf)



CO2 capture and storage success stories and challenges for upscaling deployment (pdf) 

Growing CO2 capture and storage for rapid and significant emission reductions (pdf)



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