Releasing data

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate (the Directorate) regularly publishes various types of data. Here you can find information about statutes and regulations, how to obtain access to released data and links to articles about data that has been released in recent years.

The task of releasing data entails that the public gains access to a lot of data, which can in turn contribute to increased value creation on the Norwegian shelf.

The Directorate has a duty of secrecy in relation to data, materials and information submitted to us. The duration of the duty of secrecy for geodata is governed by Section 85 of the Petroleum Regulations. The Directorate can release such data when the duty of secrecy expires.

The primary determining factor for the duration of the duty of secrecy is whether the data is interpreted or commercially available. Data that does not fall under these two categories is referred to as “other data” in the regulations.

The length of the duty of secrecy is calculated as from the date when the data became available to the owner of the data.

Updated: 21/05/2024

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