Submission of material and information required by the rules and regulations

An overview of documents to be sent to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate.

The regulations relating to electronic communication with and in the public administration (in Norwegian) accept electronic submission, cf. section 3 which says that any inquiry to a public administration body can be in electronic form when the inquiry is put forward in the manner and to the electronic address specified by the public body for this type of inquiry.

In case no address is given in the summary, documents shall be submitted to the main address for the Norwegian Offshore Directorate postboks@sodir.no. Documents are submitted if they are routed from License2Share (L2S) to the main address. Some applications and notifications shall be submitted via Norwegian Offshore Directorates SMIL Web-portal.

Concrete format requirements have been stipulated for certain types of information, but other types of information shall also be submitted in recognized formats. The principal rule is that the information shall be in the form of final documents.

The Norwegian Offshore Directorate requires signed notifications for the Petroleum Register. There is no such requirement for other submissions.


Updated: 19/12/2023

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