Name change and open data

The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has changed its name to the Norwegian Offshore Directorate. This will affect external services, APIs and downloadable files. Check this page for updated information.

Short summary of changes

  • Old URLs and services will work until April 2024 (with a few exceptions).
  • Almost all URLs containing "npd" will get a new URL. We are swapping "npd" for "sodir"
  • No database updates (i.e. NPDID won't be changed)

A PDF file containing all changes can be found here.


The URL for FactPages has changed from https://factpages.npd.no to https://factpages.sodir.no. There will be no updates to our database schema. Attributenames containing "npd", like "NPDID", will remain as before.
The structure of the URL for retrieving data in XML/CSV/Excel format has been changed, please refer to the PDF for detailed description.


The URL for FactMaps has changed from https://factmaps.npd.no to https://factmaps.sodir.no. The structure of the URL will be exactly the same as before. REST services will be available on both URLs until 02.04.24. The factmaps viewing application will only be available from the new URL.

Downloadable files

URL is moved from https://factpages.npd.no/downloads/{filetype}/{filename} to https://factpages.sodir.no/downloads/{filetype}/{filename}. We use a new procedure to generate the files internally. Even though the database is the same, there may be some small differences in the schema for the different datasets. For shapefiles we have updated some attributenames. The files on the old download-URL are still generated by the old method and are available until 02.04.24.

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online has a new url: sodir.maps.arcgis.com. The REST-API for AGOL is unchanged.

Smil and DDRS

SMIL and DDRS will retain their current URL for now.

DAQ (meldesystem)

DAQ’s URL changes from melding.npd.no to melding.sodir.no

Updated: 03/04/2024

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