The Diskos National Data Repository (NDR) was initiated and designed by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD) and oil companies represented on the Norwegian continental shelf in 1995.

Diskos is a national data repository for exploration and production related data that is shared by both Authorities and oil companies.


  • Tabular and Graphical user interface
  • All available seismic- well- and production data
  • Data access according to ownership rights or user rights
  • Online or media based download of data
  • Functionality for data trading among member oil companies


Modern exploration techniques generate huge quantities of information, but the logistics of traditional data storage have often been inefficient and costly. People involved have thus spent too much of their time searching for data and collecting data of often uncertain quality. The efficient management of data has, therefore, become more crucial than ever.

In view of this, Diskos specified the necessary requirements, and IBM was contracted to develop PetroBank, a software and hardware solution for a petroleum data repository. Diskos has since the start-up in 1995 had several different contractors, but it was not before 2015 that the original PetroBank software was replaced. The Diskos NDR is currently operated by CGG and the new solution is based on a Canadian developed software called Trango and the front-end solution is Kadme’s WhereOil-platform which is made in Norway. All data is kept and backed up in secure storage facilities in Norway.

Diskos partners

The concept of a national data repository was conceived in 1992 by the NPD and the three Norwegian oil companies Hydro, Saga and Statoil. Today the Diskos group has around 50 members. In addition, Diskos has closer to 40 associated members (non-oil companies and Norwegian universities).

The Diskos group developed specifications for both software, system operations and a commercial set-up, and group members contribute both financially and technically.

A national data repository

The Diskos NDR is a data management system which has been designed to store corporate and national data. Thus, data from the Norwegian continental shelf are now to be found in the national petroleum data store in Stavanger. All data in the database is available online to members of the Diskos consortium. A free of cost public portal of selected metadata is available to non-members and public data is  available on media at a cost from the database operator, CGG.

Through use of the Diskos NDR, data may be transferred directly to workstations at high speed and low cost, and data may be traded by simply changing owner rights to data in the data store. This is also the practical way to make data public after the required confidentiality period.

For all data entering the database, the group members have agreed on a level of data quality so that users will get data of known quality delivered on agreed data formats. The system is loaded with official quality approved cultural data (coastlines, licence information, installations etc.) from the NPD.


  • Seismic and navigational data
  • Well data
  • Production data

Diskos database Software

The software solution used in the Diskos NDR, is called Trango and Whereoil.

The user first identifies the required data in the data repository. Selection is done in a geographical or tabular user environment. Once the system has confirmed access rights to selected data, data is retrieved from high density storage devices.

The user can generally get data access within 30 seconds. Data is then transferred to the user's computer for further interpretation. This rapid access is definitely a major advantage for the petroleum industry.

The Diskos group supports the use and development of industry standards.



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Updated: 27/11/2023

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