2020 programme


The map provides an overview of the 2020 study area.

Shallow boreholes on the Fåvne, Gnitahei and Mohns Treasure deposits on the Mohns Ridge in the Norwegian Sea.

The seabed topography was very challenging and water depths exceeded 3000 m.

The assignment was realised very fast as a result of extra appropriations from the Government in connection with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.




Coiled tubing technology


Drilled 50 metres of which 10 metres were cores. The low core capture wasdue to fractured rocks and difficult lithology to core. Significant amounts of ROV samples were also collected.

Detailed map of the mapping area

Area A at Mohns Treasure

Map showing details of the Area A mapping area at Mohns Treasure 2020


Area B at Fåvne and Gnitahei

Map showing details of the Area B at Faavne and Gnitahei


News about the expedition

Minerals from the deep

Productive mineral expedition

Analyses reveal rich seabed minerals


Updated: 08/11/2021

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